• Coordinate schedules, calendars and teleconferences
• Organize, prepare meeting agendas and related documents
• Compose and draft e-mails, memos, letters and special reports
• Develop, edit and format organizational standards and procedures, guideline manuals, Board of Directors policies and manuals
• Create, edit, format and proofread documents
• Notes transcription
• Database maintenance
• E-mail management
• Take and transcribe telephone messages
• Set up voicemail or telephone office menus in English and French
• Design newsletter layouts and edit articles
• Internet research

• Preparation of recruitment advertisements and job postings
• Develop and update job descriptions
• Policy development and updates
• Electronic records management of personnel files
• Development of statistical reports
• Develop hiring packages and forms
• Health and safety policy rules and regulations
• Training requirements for employees
• Preparation of resumes and cover letters

• Organize meetings, conferences, retreats, staff days and special events
• Coordinate venues, awards, presentations and guest speakers
• Research hotel and meeting facilities
• Create PowerPoint presentations and slideshows
• Coordinate travel itineraries and book reservations

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