Details with Style offers professional virtual assistance in administrative tasks, human resources duties, and event planning.
We take pride in the work we do with attention to detail on every project, You, the client decides how much time and resources are needed for your project whether to completion, or on the portion you need assistance with.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional who performs a wide range of administrative, creative, and technical assistance to clients remotely from a home office. They are qualified to offer a variety of services and can provide resources and tools to better support businesses.

Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant
• Feeling overwhelmed with your workload?
• Need help digging out from under the administrative pile?
• Focus more of your energies on revenue generating activities and not administrative?
• Be more productive and less stressed?
• Know you need help but don’t need someone full-time?
• Getting to those projects that you just can’t seem to get to?

Benefits to having a Virtual Assistant
• No need to provide physical office space or equipment.
• No need to spend time and money going through resume screening, hiring and training.
• Pay only for time worked, no source deductions such as benefits, vacation pay or sick time.
• Have peace of mind knowing that the details are being handled by a professional.

The Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants offers additional training, support and regulations for Virtual Assistants in Canada.